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What are the terms and fees?

Each VerifiedAd Call Track Number is billed monthly at a set price. click here for current pricing. There are no setup fees or required minimums, all service are month-to-month.

Can I use Call-Track numbers with my regular business line?

Absolutely—customers contact you just as they do now. The only difference is that you will have a call log report detailing which advertisement or marketing campaign the call originated from.

I already have local and toll-free phone numbers. Why would I want to have additional numbers that forward to my main business number?

If you are like most businesses you have multiple advertising and marketing campaigns. VerifiedAd Call Tracking enables you to verify which ads are driving leads to your business. You can list your Call Tracking numbers in your ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, radio and print and our service provides you a detailed report showcasing the effectiveness of your advertising.

Can I port an existing phone number to VerifiedAd and set it up with Call Tracking?

Absolutely. Just send us a Support Request and we will do the rest. Note that the process can take up to several weeks. We will contact you as soon your existing number has been successfully ported to our system.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic Number Insertion is where a Call Tracking phone number is used in place of another number on your website when a user is directed to the site from a specific ad or link. For example if you use a unique Call Tracking phone number for your Google ads and use Dynamic Number Insertion configured users that follow a Google ad link to your site see the Call Tracking number in place of the number on your site. This way when a user calls your company based on the number on your website you can tell which ad they responded to.

We are currently testing our our Dynamic Number Insertion capability and hope to offer it very soon. If you are interested in this capability and would like to help us test it please send us a Support Request and include Dynamic Number Insertion Customer Testing in the message.

Can I use Call-Track numbers to run a simple comparison test and then turn them off?

Yes. You can use Call-Track to test multiple ads to see which work best for your business.

Is there a per-minute fee to use Call-Track numbers?

Our goal is to include enough free call minutes per month so that you will not have any additional fees. Currently 98.2% of our current customers use fewer than 400 minutes per number per month so VerifiedAD includes 400 call minutes with each number per month.

Is there an added cost for toll free numbers?

No. Toll free numbers are the same cost as local numbers.

Our business can utilize more than 10 numbers. Is it possible to get a volume discount?

Yes. VerifiedAd offers volume based pricing. See our Plans & Pricing page.

Can I customize the call reports and how often are they updated?

Yes. The labels on the call reports can be customized to match your business needs. The data is updated every 10 minutes so the call reports represent near real-time call activity.

What if I get calls that are not intended for my business?

Although it is possible that new numbers can receive calls from a previous life, we have not seen this to be a major issue with our customers. We recommend that you purchase your tracking number at least two weeks prior to your printing deadline to test your new numbers that you plan to use in a campaign. For example, in online ads it is easy to change a number, but in a direct mail offering it is not. If you receive a number that is still active, contact us and we will get you a new one at no charge.

More about VerifiedAD

VerifiedAD offers private-label versions of our Call Tracking platform, custom business portal development, Pay Per Click campaign management, and text messaging advertising. Hundreds of businesses have signed up for VerifiedAD Call Tracking and campaign management services since 2006.

Why Call Tracking?

If you are like most businesses you require better control over your advertising budget. VerifiedAD is here to provide you with a clear picture of which ads are driving calls to your business. VerifiedAD offers the most cost effective advertising validation service out there.

Advertisers are getting great results!

Advertisers are obtaining valuable reporting information and using it to get results!

"By putting Call-Tracking phone numbers in my online ads I was able to adjust the ad copy to get lead calls."—Keith Sitzmann, Entrepreneur

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