Why VerifiedAD?

VerifiedAD is focused on providing analytics to advertising consumers who use offline advertising. The amazing metrics and reporting that is possible with online advertising has only recently been possible for offline advertising, such as billboards, direct mail, signage, etc.

Customer Service and great technology are the core of who VerifiedAD is. Our technology platform has been used to track millions of phone calls.

In 2013, VerifiedAD will be expanding our offering to over 20 countries worldwide.

Executive Leadership Team

In 2010, Ken Jackson and Steve Land began offering call tracking solutions to small agencies and direct mailing services. Ken Jackson, VP of Sales for Verified AD, comes from the online advertising industry, helping small and medium sized companies optimize their presence on the Web. Steve Land, Chief Technology Officer, specializes in designing and deploying highly usable and scalable Web and Mobile systems.

Private Label Call Tracking

From the start, we designed and built our system to support private label versions of our Call Tracking service to support agencies and resellers. This enables organzations of any size to offer their users a fully branded Call Tracking platform. For example a realtor network can plug in the VerifiedAD Call Tracking service and be able to offer thousands of agents the ability to provision numbers and track campaigns. Please visit our resellers page or Contact Us today to learn more.