VerifiedAD Customer Testimonials


From: Curtis Wilson

Finding Verified Ad has helped my company in so many ways! I was amazed at the customer service and the pricing for metered phones was 1/3 of what I was paying to another company. Not only do I need to track my own business but I also help my customers track their response using the state of the art system developed by Verified Ad!
Curt Wilson President Direct Solutions, Ltd.

From: Geoff

We use verified ad for our cleaning business, and it has helped us track the effective vs. junk advertising. We've cut back on some forms of marketing to make room in our budget for others that are proven more effective. We have begun attaching the tracking numbers to ALL of our advertising media, and are happy with the reports available. Highly recommended. If you're going to spend any time or money on marketing, you need to use a reliable tracking system such as verified ad.